Youths were behind last night's arson at the old Thornhill, the second night running that this has occurred, says Cllr. Angela Dobbins
Council launch online survey for public suggestions on redevelopment of Melvin Complex:
Plans for new housing at Ballyoan include upgrade of Caw Roundabout - 'the scene of most traffic accidents in the NW' says Martin Reilly
Boys (17 and 16) and a girl (17) have died following a crushing incident outside a disco at the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown on Sunday 17th
Driver of a cash-in-transit van robbed at gunpoint by two men outside a shop/filling station on Clooney Road in Greysteel
Maeve Stillman investigated how supplements can affect people when they are taking common medicines like paracetamol
Troubles journalist Peter Taylor tells BBC his Para contacts say the regiment is 'chuffed' that only 1 of the 17 soldiers will be prosecuted
'Soldier F' to be charged with murders of James Wray and William McKinney but 16 other soldiers and 2 Official IRA men will not be charged
A man (25) was shot in both legs in an attack in Lisfannon Park at 7.15pm on Friday evening (March 8)
Lurgan man Sean McVeigh (38) was today given 25 years for planting device under car of 2 police officers in Eglinton on 18 June 2015
Four former paratroopers could be told on 14 March that they are to face murder charges


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Over 40 youths drink and party in vacant industrial buildings in Springtown Drive, most recently just this weekend, says Cllr Shauna Cusack
Derry's latest mural 'Monarch of the Glen' at Glenview Terrace shows a majestic stag who has a plastic bag entangled in his antlers
Two men with faces covered and brandishing a knife attempted but failed to rob a shop on Westland Street at 5.45pm on Sunday 12 May
Nathan Carter, Johnny Brady & David James are headliners at Strabane's Summer Jamm Weekend 2019 from Friday 14-Sunday 16 June
Tickets now on sale for NWRC's epic immersive production of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels from Wed 29 - Fri 31 May