Dublin 3 year old assaulted 5 days ago has life support machine switched off in Our Lady's Children's Hospital - a woman has been charged
Man (18) detained and woman passenger is in hospital following crash of silver Renault Clio on Clooney Road at Enagh last night
Water supply to over 400 homes in Galliagh affected after vandals set off 12 fire hydrants on Tuesday night, says Cllr Brian Tierney
Secretary of State James Brokenshire has received a proposal to cut the salaries of Stormont MLAs by £13,612, from £49,500 to £35,888
Police arrested 137 drivers in first 2 weeks of winter anti-drink drive operation, 5 more than in the same period last year
SDLP Cllr Martin Reilly calls for urgent repairs to road and footpath surfaces at site of major Trench Road pothole
Two men (17 & 23) arrested after assault on boy (16) and man (22) at Violet Street - facial and head injuries that are not life-threatening
Funding of £633,000 for resurfacing bottom end of Lone Moor Rd, Danesfort, and in Magirr Park, Strabane - also streetlight upgrades
Two men arrested and house in Shantallow searched in connection with shooting of man in leg on Madam's Bank road on 12 November
Two teenage boys were attacked by a group of males in Galliagh Park sometime around 11.15pm on Tuesday night, and had personal items taken
Puppies now on sale in NI from unofficial sellers may have come from outside UK and could be carrying rabies, says Dept for Agriculture


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Man (est. age 19) with face covered entered supermarket at Bond St last night at 9pm armed with bat, forced staff to open till
Western Trust, Belfast Trust and Southern Trust issue apology to families for five child deaths caused by hyponatremia (low sodium levels)
Peace IV funds go to Steelstown Brian Og's GAC, Galliagh Rainbow Child and Family Centre and Greater Shantallow Community Art
New route from Bishop St via Shipquay St, around back of Guildhall into Waterloo Pl, and down Strand Rd finishing at Strand Rd Car Park
'Design Your Own Xmas Jumper' winners L-R Teagan McCallion, Patrick Mooney, Betty Doherty of Tower Museum and Jodie Kennedy