Youths were behind last night's arson at the old Thornhill, the second night running that this has occurred, says Cllr. Angela Dobbins
Over 100 young boys and girls gathered at Rosemount's Cregganburn Park to watch a fight between two boys, says Cllr Shauna Cusack
Planning needed to facilitate elderly and others now living in houses too big for them, who wish to avoid Bedroom Tax, says Emmet Doyle
Council's online survey on the future of Daisyfield Sports Grounds is on
EU politicians now understand how disastrous a hard border in Ireland would be, says SF MEP Martina Anderson
A pipe bomb exploded in the garden of a house in Montgomery Close at around 2am this morning - thankfully no damage to house and no injuries
Dept of Health now indicates that the go-ahead for Medical School would have to wait for a ministerial sign-off, says Cllr Sinéad McLaughlin
Silver Audi crashed at 9.55am and six walked away towards Derry but were arrested close to the Magnet pub
RDC cites pension costs, the lack of a Stormont minister, and intransigent local pension rules for its insolvency, said chair Tony McCusker
SF MEP Martina Anderson supported new resolution in EU parliament to denounce racism against people of African descent in Europe
Sinn Féin refuses motion to remove party workers recording who has voted in polling stations, proposed by Cllr Shauna Cusack


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Over 40 youths drink and party in vacant industrial buildings in Springtown Drive, most recently just this weekend, says Cllr Shauna Cusack
Derry's latest mural 'Monarch of the Glen' at Glenview Terrace shows a majestic stag who has a plastic bag entangled in his antlers
Two men with faces covered and brandishing a knife attempted but failed to rob a shop on Westland Street at 5.45pm on Sunday 12 May
Nathan Carter, Johnny Brady & David James are headliners at Strabane's Summer Jamm Weekend 2019 from Friday 14-Sunday 16 June
Tickets now on sale for NWRC's epic immersive production of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels from Wed 29 - Fri 31 May