Dublin 3 year old assaulted 5 days ago has life support machine switched off in Our Lady's Children's Hospital - a woman has been charged
A woman was forced from her car by two hijackers yesterday evening
Two masked men have threatened a man in the Glen Road area of the city
There has been a petrol bomb attack on a home in the waterside area of the city
House of Commons report on the summer riots in England has stated the use of plastic bullets would have been 'dangerous'
Thugs set fire to a car in Rosemount before rolling it down Academy Road in the early hours of Monday morning
Specialist contractors have started work to stabilise the wall at Marlborough Terrace
Police have appealed for information after three linked burglaries in the Derry area
Local MLA Pat Ramsey has expressed his shock at the urgency of moving the Irish History courses from Magee to UU Coleraine Campus
A 39-year-old man appeared in court on Monday morning charged with rape
Residents of Marlborough Terrace have been moved and others have been warned not to go out to the rear of their houses after walls collapsed


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Man (est. age 19) with face covered entered supermarket at Bond St last night at 9pm armed with bat, forced staff to open till
Western Trust, Belfast Trust and Southern Trust issue apology to families for five child deaths caused by hyponatremia (low sodium levels)
Peace IV funds go to Steelstown Brian Og's GAC, Galliagh Rainbow Child and Family Centre and Greater Shantallow Community Art
New route from Bishop St via Shipquay St, around back of Guildhall into Waterloo Pl, and down Strand Rd finishing at Strand Rd Car Park
'Design Your Own Xmas Jumper' winners L-R Teagan McCallion, Patrick Mooney, Betty Doherty of Tower Museum and Jodie Kennedy