Man assaulted by gang in unprovoked attack at 2.30am on Sunday on Georges Street - injuries to face and head
Man (29) charged with possession of class A, B and C drugs following searches in Carnhill in December 2016 and May 2017
As £1bn additional funding comes on-stream, DUP must work to restore power-sharing and areas of need, not parochial priorities of one party
Derry's Peace Bridge is ranked by NYT as one of Ireland's top 18 attractions alongside Cliffs of Moher, Glendalough, and Giant's Causeway
Man (19) attacked by 3 men while walking near Glenowen Park at 4am, beaten with an iron bar sustaining cuts and bruises
Castlederg woman gets 100 hours community service for falsely claiming £9,100 in benefits - and money must be repaid
Former UVF leader Gary Haggarty has this morning pleaded guilty to 200 serious offences including 5 murders and 5 attempted murders
Security alert at Cornshell Fields has ended and following controlled explosion a viable device has been removed and residents allowed home
Man trapped in mud at the River Foyle was rescued by FSR just before 2am this morning
A skip was discovered ablaze on Pump St. in Derry city centre on Tuesday night and dealt with by fire service (Photo:
Man (47) in Derry court this morning after 2-day police operation charged with drugs offences and the wilful abandonment of 2 children


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Money and cigarettes stolen during burglary of commercial premises on Foyle Street in early hours of Monday (17/07)
Councillor Angela Dobbins has condemned the mounting of a tricolour on the chimney of Victoria Hall in Culmore
Tristar Under-10s beat Illies Celtic 3:0 at Leafair Park in an early match of the Foyle Cup
West Side Story in the Forum from 27 July - Tony just met a girl called Maria ....
Brooke Park and City Baths to open at 6.30am from 31 July as Templemore Sports Complex closes for 3-week refurbishment