Dublin 3 year old assaulted 5 days ago has life support machine switched off in Our Lady's Children's Hospital - a woman has been charged
Council green light for 21 detached houses with garages on the Upper Galliagh Rd at Glengalliagh Hall (near Skeoge)
Pupils at Dublin playground given 'sweets' by older boys - 1 child collapsed, another spat out what appears to be an ecstasy tablet
Man (56) found injured in stairway of apartments at Iniscarn Crescent on Monday night after 8pm has died in hospital today (01/02)
Arntz site will create 330 jobs with health centre, superstore, restaurant, filling station - also 200 construction jobs in building phase
The body of missing Belfast man Michael Cullen was found in the Cave Hill area of the city on Wed afternoon (31/01) - death not suspicious
Report shows Brexit will devastate economy in NI - 'all Brexit paths lead to disaster' says SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Claire Hanna
Paratroop flags in Newbuildings in Bloody Sunday week are "provocative and disrespectful" and "an effort to raise tensions" in the City
Youth (16) charged after police dealing with a security alert were attacked with stones and petrol bombs on Lecky Rd on February 7
Youth (16) charged in connection with burglary at Carlton Court, Ballymagroarty, and with interference with vehicles
Man (27) charged with GBH and woman (33) charged with wounding following assault in Carnhill on Saturday afternoon - court appearance today


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Man (est. age 19) with face covered entered supermarket at Bond St last night at 9pm armed with bat, forced staff to open till
Western Trust, Belfast Trust and Southern Trust issue apology to families for five child deaths caused by hyponatremia (low sodium levels)
Peace IV funds go to Steelstown Brian Og's GAC, Galliagh Rainbow Child and Family Centre and Greater Shantallow Community Art
New route from Bishop St via Shipquay St, around back of Guildhall into Waterloo Pl, and down Strand Rd finishing at Strand Rd Car Park
'Design Your Own Xmas Jumper' winners L-R Teagan McCallion, Patrick Mooney, Betty Doherty of Tower Museum and Jodie Kennedy