SF's Martina Anderson will show delegation NW Science Park and other EU-assisted projects to reinforce the case for special status for NI
The NI Small Business Loan Fund will offer up to £!5,000 for startups and up to £50,000 for existing small businesses
Week-long programme of workshops and seminars runs from March 4-8 at various venues in City
Former Foyle Meats executive launches '', an online info-resource, virtual community and trading centre for meat industry
Accountant Stephen Gillespie will join DCC in early spring from current executive position with Londonderry Port
Farmers must check accuracy of new Dept. of Agriculture maps of their farm to secure Single Farm Payment and avoid fines
From 2017, workers need 35 full years of national insurance contributions to get full state pension, and pension age rises to 67 by 2028
The Blockbuster DVD rental chain has applied for an administrator blaming growth in online movies
Derry City Centre Traders’ spokesman Martin McCrossan says protests have an undeniable knock-on affect on both tourism and retail
Learning Pool will create 30 new positions providing online learning courses to organisations
Camera chain Jessops going into administration today - use of phones for 'fun' photography slashed demand for digital cameras


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Over £1,000 donated to Derry charities from Community Resolution Notices - small fines for first minor offences by pub/off sales licensees
Dept of Infrastructure is inviting public opinions on traffic calming scheme for Moss Rd in Galliagh, says Cllr Brian Tierney
Rubbish dumping and dog fouling on the rise in Culmore Country Park, says Councillor Angela Dobbins
Autism Awareness Week was embraced by Council and all businesses in Derry, says Councillor Angela Dobbins
DINOSAUR WORLD LIVE brings dinosaurs to life in an interactive show for all the family on Thu 26 and Fri 27 April at Millennium Forum