Suspect device forces house evacuations in Galliagh

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 15:25 -- Editor

SDLP Ballyarnett Councillor Brian Tierney has said that a suspect device in the Fern Park area of the city is causing significant disruption for local people.



Cllr Tierney is at the scene providing assistance to residents. 


He said: “Once again people in the Galliagh area are facing significant disruption as police deal with a suspicious device in the Fern Park area. Up to 30 nearby homes are being evacuated and Army Technical Officers have been tasked. 


“Shantallow Community Centre is now open as a rest centre for those with nowhere else to go. I want to thank the council and Shantallow Community Residents Association for making this facility available so quickly. 


“I’m with local people at the scene and will continue to provide support for those who need it while the alert continues.”