Radio broadcaster threatened after report on RHI scandal

Thu, 28/02/2019 - 08:18 -- Editor

Radio presenter Stephen Nolan has been threatened by a caller to his show, following a report on the devastating consequences of the RHI scandal.
On Tuesday morning, the caller commented that “You’re a troublemaker causing grief. You should be sued, put in jail for life. Someone may blow your f***ing brains out if you mention this again.”

The comments were not broadcast, but Stephen Nolan read out a transcript of the comments on the air. Mr Nolan said “Here we are as a programme in Northern Ireland commenting about, talking about, facilitating a debate about RHI and we’ve received a phone call that someone’s going to ‘blow my f***ing brains out if we mention it again.”

The caller’s phone number has been passed to the PSNI for investigation.