Plea to parents after underage drinking and disruption in Barleyfield area

Mon, 15/04/2019 - 10:53 -- Editor

Following police reports of underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in the Culmore area, SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins has called on parents to support the local residents in the area by speaking to their children about the impacts of their disruptive behaviour. Cllr Dobbins commented: “I have reported this ongoing anti-social behaviour to the Community Safety Wardens. I am now urging parents to address the distress their children are causing to others, especially to  the elderly and vulnerable residents in our community. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and could have dire consequence for these young people's futures. It is important that they understand the severity of having a criminal record and the detrimental effect it will have on any future education or employment opportunities.  "The PSNI have ensured me that they will increase their patrols of the area after a large quantity of alcohol was confiscated from a crowd of  around 200 young people.  "I have also been informed by residents, that Barleyfields building site is being used as a playing field and a gathering point for young people as young as ten who are putting their lives in danger by entering unfinished houses and climbing on scaffolding. I will be informing the developer and the planniing department of these incidents and requesting that this site be secured as a matter of urgency. ”