Arsonists burn out laneway off Bishop Street

Mon, 25/02/2019 - 12:00 -- Editor

Independent Nationalist candidate for the Moor Emmet Doyle has criticised anti-social elements who recent set fire to material in a laneway behind houses in the Belview Avenue area of Bishop Street. Commenting, Mr Doyle said:"I was contacted by concerned residents in the Belview Avenue and Ferguson Street area after fire crews attended a fire at the back of homes at Belview Avenue in recent days.  A number of items were dumped at the laneway and set alight. The aftermath of the fire has left the laneway in a terrible state and left residents worried for their safety, especially elderly residents.  I have been in contact with Council this morning who have told me they cannot address the laneway issue as it is not in their ownership.  I am calling on statutory agencies to assess the laneway for gates and will be working with residents over the next few weeks to ensure we get this matter resolved. This anti-social element must recognise that their actions could well had led to a house in the community catching fire and it is totally unacceptable."